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Music I listen to


Catherine Duc- Visions & Dreams
Evanesence-The Open Door

Pat Benatar

Movies I like

Sleepless in Seattle
Ocean's Eleven
Pirates of the Carribean
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Italian Job
Ya Ya Sisterhood 5 times

P.S I love You
Forrest Gump
Grand Torino
Under the Tuscany Sun
The Patriot
Casino Royale
Transporter & II
Into the Blue
50 First Dates
Made of Honor
National Treasure
Hellboy I & II
August Rush
Blood Diamond
Broken Arrow
Narnia Prince Caspian
Narnia The Lion, the witch, the Wardrobe
Flight Plan
Mr & Mrs Smith
Tears of the Sun
The Mummy
The Dark Knight
The Golden Compass
Night at the Museum
Pirates of the Carribbean Dead Man's Chest
Tomb Raider
Perfect Storm

TV shows I watch

Desperate Housewives

Dancing with the Stars

Extreme Home Makeover


Sex in the City

Biggest loser

Law n Order


Interesting Facts About Me

* Eye Color: Green * Hair Color: brunette * Height: 5' 3" * Right or Left Handed: Left Handed
* Your Heritage: Portugese, German, Irish, Dutch, English
* Goals You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Scrapbook making, I need to get all my photo
albums in order, Learning how to make tags, get caught up with all my unfinished projects.
* Thoughts First Waking Up: COFFEE! And getting my pets fed.
* Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes & Hair * Your Bedtime: 1-4 a.m.
* Pepsi or Coke: Neither: RC or Dr. Pepper * MacDonalds or Burger King: Neither: Taco Bell
* Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton * Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream: Vanilla or Coffee
* Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee
* Do you Smoke: No way! * Do you Swear: Sometimes! * Have you Been in Love: Oh yes!
* Do you believe in yourself: Yes, I do. * Do you get Motion Sickness: Sometimes
* Are you a Health Freak: No, but I do try to watch what I consume
* Do you like Thunderstorms: Sometimes, but not when they are violent.
* Do you drink: Occasionally * Would you eat Sushi: Oh yes!
* How do you want to Die: In my sleep
* What country would you most like to Visit: Ireland, Italy, Mayan Tombs
* Number of CDs I own: LOTS!
* Number of things in my Past I Regret: Not getting a degree.
* Favorite Foods: Mexican & Italian
*My interests are gardening, interior decorating, going to movies, dining, keeping fit,
keeping in touch with friends & family, reading & being on my computer, pen pals.
I enjoy making different crafts, scrapbooking, making cards.

Kiana's Journal


Accidents Happen! It's ok.

image Be Mindful & Caring!

avatar Sing, like no one else is listening!

imageDance, as if no one else is watching!
image Always make time for a little play!
avatarFriends are Essential! image Don't forget to ...........
..................... laugh a little more throughout your Day!

I am very active in volunteer work. I help out at the Humane Society with the cats. I am involved with Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) on the state level. We were involved with the St. Jude Dream Home in Santa Maria, which was given away at the end of September. My big project I have been working on this Holiday Season is I have put together 205 Holiday Bags for Veterans and I send care packages to our troops throughout the year. We delivered the Holiday Bags to the San Diego Medical Center.

My children are young adults. My son (33) lives in Florida with my new Grandson Cayden. I am looking forward to seeing him on December 20-29, his first Christmas. My first Grandchild. My daughter (30) lives near me here in Santa Barbara.

My hobbies are volunteer work, suduko, crafts, making cards, reading, gardening, collecting old glass, dolls, Lladro. We also travel every year. We have been to China, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and several states throughout the U.S. We are getting ready for our 2010 trip to Argentina. Check out photos on my myspace link on "My Favorite Sites" below. More to come.

As California State Chaplain I am currently working on my next huge project, for May 14-17th, 2009 and that is the organizing of the "Celebration of Life" Memorial Service Ceremony for our ESA California Sisters that have passed in the last year and the Men of ESA. So far we have around 8. I have to assign a Representative for each of those 8 people, who will give a short tribute to each. I will be designing the programs, music, seating arrangements, tables and decor, and say the prayers & thoughts of the day at all meals during the 4-5 days of the Convention in San Diego. Then my duties are finished on the State level for awhile. However, I will continue with our local chapter "ZETA IOTA" working as V.P., Secretary, Jonquil Girl, Membership Chair, Memorybook Chair, Hope for Heroes Chair, and then on the LRRC Council as Hope for Heroes Chair for the coming year.

2-3-09 Well, I have finally gone and done it. I am now on Facebook. Facebook doesn't look like it has the same features as yuku, not as creative.

2-11-09 It has been a pain for me to get online lately. I had like 27 virus plus key loggers, and husband 38 virus on our computers. Incase you don't know what a key logger is, it helps others to watch what keys you press for your passcodes. I have been having trouble getting online and also checking my e-mails on msn. It has been a real inconvenience. We had the computer guy out here for 3 hours. And it is still not fixed. So if you don't see me on, you will know why. Other than that, it has been raining every other day. We need the rain. And with the fires we have had the mountains are starting to turn green.


Kiana's Favorites List


Kiana's Favorites list

Name/Names you want on siggy's? Kiana & Diana
Hair Color? Med. Brown
Eye Color? green/ hazel
Favorite colors? Purple --- Lavender
Shades of green
Shades of blue
Autumn Colors (orange, yellow, browns)
Christmas colors (red, green, white)
Patriotic (Red, white, blue)
Blue, green, purple
Least favorite color: black & grey, pink
Favorite birds: hummingbird, parrots, cockatoo
Favorite bugs: Lady bugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies
Favorite animals: Cats (Big cats & domestics), Bunnies Lops
Favorite Flowers: Iris, Gerber daisies, Roses, Geraniums, Lilies, Icelandic Poppies
Most Flowers

Favorite Actors:
Favorite Actresses: Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez,
Favorite Season: Summer & Fall
Favorite Games: Scrabble & Mahjong, Word games, Connect 4
What kind of siggies do you like: Angels Pixies Fairies
Art Deco Masks Mardi Gras
Mystical Women Indian Maidens
Siggies with movment, moving parts,sparkels.
Erete', Muchas, landscapes, Dragons
script & humorous sayings, Gothic,
gardening, plants, Santas, Victorian Era,
cups & saucers, teapots, little girl pics,
Do you mind tasteful nudes? no, i like suggestive, but covered
A few things you do not like? porn, lying, smoking,
Favorite T.V show? Medium, Sex in the City,
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream (Coffee) , popcorn (buttered)

Kiana's Mailbox


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that gives meaning to our lives~ Anthony Robbins

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments,
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